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Written by J.M. DeMatteis; art and cover by Jamie Tolagson
In stores November 19.  A 2-issue Prestige miniseries exposing Jor-El's early trips to Earth via Kryptonian "UFOs"!  Surely Jor-El wouldn't have sent his only son to Earth without thoroughly checking the planet, right?  Could he have sent probes to our world?  Perhaps he even kidnapped Earth inhabitants for study?  Superman wrestles with the guilt of knowing his father may have done these things to protect him...and a team of UFOlogists who remember and research a UFO landing called "The Kansas Sighting" are out to prove that it is connected to the first appearance of the Man of Steel!  Prestige Format.  For more information, see the feature article.
FC, 64 pg. (1 of 2)